Santa Teresa Mixed use building


10 minutes away from the city center; 1 km away from the biggest university in the state;  300 m away from the heart of the city, the river; and right in the beginning of what is becoming a gastronomical corridor of the city; this building comes to boost its surroundings with both commercial and housing spaces.


The long floor plan makes it optimal for natural light, while also retaining less heat at the central parts of the building.

The upper terrace acts as a buffer for the solar incidence, while the height takes advantage of faster wind.

The location is highly affected by the extreme heat and humidity. Specially in the summer time, shading becomes a critical aspect for thermal comfort.

Overhangs are designed for an optimal shading during the harshest times of the day in the summer months, in average, while leaving unshaded the winter months.

Building status: Under construction


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