Photomerging tool in Photoshop

Have you ever visited a beautiful place but found it impossible to capture its immensity in a single photo? I have, but luckily Photoshop allows us to make what you camera can't, to merge all the pieces and create a complete scene.

I know you may be thinking "Hey! I can take panoramic pictures with my camera or even my phone", but in many cases the result is far from perfect, so here is another alternative to that...

I have this set of pictures that I took around a year ago:

So I used the Photomerge tool in Photoshop, it is kind of hidden so it took me a while to find it:

And the result was this:

Which after some editing and lens distortion became this final image:

Using the same tool I took these two images:

With a final result of this:

In just a few seconds you can create really impressive panoramic pictures!

#photomerge #photoshop #photoediting